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The Simpl Group is a software development and systems integration company that provides all sorts of different organisations with clever technology and solutions that help them make a difference too.
We are from New Zealand and just over 20 years old. During this time we’ve become known for challenging the way people think about technology. We’re really good at considering the wider implications of any solutions and then giving strategic advice that we believe in.


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The Simpl Group is a software development and systems integration company that works with a variety of business sectors including health, manufacturing, education, services and community organisations.

Wherever there is a business challenge, there is usually an IT service or solution that could be developed and used. At Simpl we tackle this task by considering people first, because we believe technology is all about people, not IT. Our history in providing technology services and solutions with very personal and people focused aims reflects this. We work with clients on both short and long term contracts to give the best possible flexibility and results.

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  We don't always work on our own and have some great partners, including client teams, Government organisations and Ministries and large IT companies such as Microsoft and Oracle. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and encourage our team to stay up to date with the latest and greatest!

CAREERS  At Simpl we are open, transparent, and collaborative. We work with both clients and competitors. There is no patch protection, no barriers to communication because we believe that the only way to great results is to work as part of a team. Why?

Because at Simpl we believe that together we can do amazing things. We change lives through how information is shared. We develop and deliver information technology platforms that help people collaborate, communicate and work better together. If you are passionate about making a difference, working with a team who like to have fun and love what we do, find out more about joining our team and email us

The launch of SimplHealth came about because of the growing demand for health sector information technology platforms, driven by the need for governments to find cost savings as we all get older and the cost of healthcare grows.

SimplHealth’s specific area of expertise is in the development of information technology platforms that help healthcare professionals collaborate, communicate and work better together to achieve the best results for patients.

Communication and collaboration between healthcare professionals is incredibly important for the provision of better health services.  After all, it takes many healthcare professionals to look after any one person during a lifetime so we think it makes sense to make it easier to share information securely. We call this shared care.